Dive Watches

Due to their natural chemical properties, bronze and brass have been the go to material for nautical equipment for centuries. Our dive watches are inspired by this tradition and aesthetic, and makes for a suitable deep sea companion while remaining an affordable alternative.

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we are a microbrand

The process of buying a new bronze dive watch from a micro-brand can be challenging and filled with questions. As avid watch collectors like you, we know these questions very well. Read our full story and find out what inspired us to create Pontvs and why so many people trust our brand!

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Every watch comes with a full one year warranty. We also offer free world-wide shipping of your order. After purchase we will provide you with a DHL tracking number so you can check the status of your order at any given time.


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High-End Watchmaking

Each of our bronze and brass watches are unique and perfectly crafted. We love to create high quality timepieces yet affordable.



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