This is the number one reason why people buy watches

Why do people buy a watch, even an expensive one? There are plenty of reasons. However one trumps them all, and here at Pontvs we are just going to be brutally honest about it. Ready?

Why people buy watches

The number one reason to buy a watch is because you like it and you like how it looks on your wrist.


No, seriously, period.

If you scout Youtube - or Google or heck, Facebook- you’ll find several posts from several sponsored influencers giving you many reasons why you should buy a watch. These range from the obvious, to the we-can-tell-you-are-only-saying-this-because-a-watch-brand-is-paying-you.

We didn’t want to be like those guys, and while the answer above is indeed the final reason why you should buy a watch, you might find joy in reading the rest of this piece, as we will try to answer the quintessential question.

Why do people buy watches?

For some reason, watches have become somewhat a symbol of wealth in pop culture. Rolex, perhaps the most well known watch brand, has long been associated with exclusiveness, and owning one is regarded as a symbol of success. However, most people into watches are nowhere near the 1% - watches are not that expensive to begin with - nor are watch enthusiast looking to show off their wealth all the time.

Most people today buy watches because they are wearable pieces of art. And art is subjective indeed. To put an example, we’ve received many comments criticizing our watch design, but we’ve also found a niche within the watch community really appreciates our proposals. In all, we shouldn’t judge people’s tastes at all.

And just like there are people paying thousands in auctions for rare pieces of art, so are many others spending in a nice watch of their own. Why?

While times are changing, historically speaking, unlike women, social norms restricted men in terms of jewelry and fashion accessories. Watches - which transcend their main time-keeping functionality- were a notable exception.

And watches, especially automatic and mechanical ones, are much more complex items than the standard jewelry items. They are very complex feats of engineering, and are composed by hundreds if not thousands of tiny components in order to just tell time. While you don’t really need to know nor understand complicated horology concepts to appreciate the beauty of a watch, knowing the rich history behind their development and importance in several key events is certainly a plus.

All of this, coupled with a nice steel bracelet or strap makes for a very unique item.

why people buy watches

Are watches becoming obsolete?

Of course, some lines of work do require easy access to a timekeeping device. While for most a smartphone or a computer is now the go to option, there some exceptions and scenarios where they are impossible to use, such as divers going underwater.

These are exceptions though, and beyond this niche uses and needs, they may seem “outdated”.

However, this does not mean they obsolete at all. They still carry on their function, and automatic watches may keep doing so for decades to come.

That is actually part of their appeal.

This “legacy” effect is also another reason why people love watches and are willing to invest a lot on one: they see it as a potential heirloom; something to pass along to their children in the future. No Rolex nor Patek can actually trump over sentimental value and personal history attached to a timepiece.

why people buy watchh

So, there you have it.

Don’t really over think it. If you enjoy it and can afford it, go for it! Everyone’s watch journey is unique. Go forth and enjoy yours are your own leisure.