Hydra & Veneto: Affordable Bronze Watch Options by Pontvs

Here at Pontvs we not only love our watches, but also the history behind them. From mythological creatures to towering battleships, each of our watches has something to tell. Here we would like to share what inspired us to create two of our beloved affordable bronze watches: the Pontvs Hydra and Fonderia Navale Veneto.

Pontvs Hydra

affordable bronze watch

With the Pontvs Hydra we wanted to create a reliable, sturdy beater watch with a special charm. We made it with an extremely powerful naval grade brass alloy, so it is especially resistant to water; perfect for a dive watch.

Our inspiration for ir was the mythological Hydra, one of the most fearsome aquatic beasts. It is widely known for its role in the myths of Hercules, where the hero had to battle the monster as part of his quest to atone for past sins. Herc was tasked to defeat the beast, but it was indeed a very difficult task as the Hydra could regenerate its own head and grew two anew. However, Hercules friend Iolalus came to his aid and, using a torch, managed to cauterize the beasts wounds before it could regenerate new heads.

Key Specs:

  • Case Size: 43mm (lug to lug: 50mm)
  • Movement: Automatic NH35A
  • Crystal: Sapphire with AR coating.
  • Water Resistance: 200mt / 20 ATM
  • Case Material: Naval grade blasted Brass (70% Cu) with lume application and screw down strap bars.
  • Crown: Steel with lume application.
  • Lume: Swiss C1 Superluminova.
  • Strap: 24mm NATO with brass buckles and leather with brass buckle.
  • Caseback: Blasted steel with Pontvs logo engraving, each piece is numbered.

Fonderia Navale Veneto

The Fonderia Navale Veneto is our smallest watch. With only 42mm it has a very slender profile. It is the perfect companion for a formal occasion, although it’s also sporty enough to take on a weekend off.

affordable bronze watch

It is named after one of the mightiest Italian warships, the Vitorio Veneto Battleship. Displacing over 45,000 tons, it was an impressive engineering feat. It saw active duty during WWII, and took part in several actions against british vessels. It was led by Inigo Campioni, one of the brightest and most seasoned Italian sailors. After Italy withdrew from the war, he led the defence of Italian-controlled islands from forced occupation by the Nazi’s. He was ultimately captured and delivered to Mussolini, where he would then be executed after failing to collaborate with his puppet regime. His ship, the Veneto, survived the war, although it was claimed by the british as a war prize.

With the Veneto we aimed to create a simple dress watch that showcased the beauty of bronze. And damm, it is indeed pretty, and can still withstand a beating.

Watch Specs:

  • Case diameter: 42 mm excluding the crown - lug to lug 50 mm
  • Movement: Seiko NH35 automatic
  • Case material: Tin Phosphor Bronze for heavy-duty applications
  • Crown: Tin Phosphor Bronze screw down crown 9 mm
  • Crystal: AR Sapphire single Domed 3.5mm thick
  • Dial: 32mm diameter grained Enamel with printed Swiss Super Luminova C3 lume .
  • Water-resistance: 200 meters / 660 feet / 20 ATM
  • Case back: Stainless Steel Strap: 22mm brown leather 3.5 mm thick. Screw lug bars.
  • Buckle: Tin Bronze Buckle
  • Shock resistance: Shock-absorber device for balance staff


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