5 Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Watch

Although our watches are made to be extremely resistant and see you through hazardous situations, it is always good to keep in mind these advices to make them the most. These might be somewhat obvious, but you should still put these in practice in order for you to get the most enjoyment out of your watch experience. Here we bring you several advices on how to take good care of your watch.

How to take care of your watch

1. Use a Watch Box to store your watches.

How to take good care of your watch

This one is easy: in order to make your watches last longer is key to minimize their exposure to the elements when you are not wearing them. Don’t just leave them hanging around your room or kitchen during the night; even worst, don’t leave them exposed to sunlight! This may end up damaging its colors.

The best way to proceed is to store them properly in a box, and make sure it is adequately sealed. Also, make sure the storage you are using has enough space for each watch: don’t ever put two or more watches inside a single small box as they may end up getting scratches if they ever get in contact between themselves.

Also worth noting: there is a common saying that you should keep your watches winded for them to preserve their lubricant and ultimately last longer. However, several master watchmakers have commented this is just a myth. There is no need to keep them winded at all times.


2. Clean it often - yeah, do it.


Again, this may seem obvious, but we don’t really mean using just a cloth and giving it a single wipe. Be meticulous. Remove the strap, and dedicate half an hour or more to go through every single part. If possible, use a thoothbrush and try to get through all the hard to reach spots of the case. If needed, use a special clearer to treat the case meterial.try to polish it. There are many products you can purchase to better treat Bronze or steel, and going through your watch with will be worth it.

And also don’t forget to include the strap in your clean up ritual.

ALWAYS include the strap.

How to take good care of your watch

Remember: This is the part that is the most in contact with your skin, and will catch up your sweat amongst many other things. Be extra mindful if you’ve got a leather strap, as it is a more delicate material than the nylon on NATO straps or steel found in bracelet. Because it is made of skin, it can catch sweat and smells, so you'll need to take extra care of it.

Besides the regular clean-up, you should service it on a regular basis. For automatic watches, this should be around every 3 or 5 years, while quartz timepieces can take a bit more without servicing. The objective here is that a master actually takes the time to review the inner workings, make sure everything is working properly and apply any lubricant that might be needed to have them in perfect condition. But, speaking on cleaning the innards...

3. Don’t try to open the watch (unless you really know what you are doing)


How to take good care of your watch

While it might be tempting to go exploring the beautiful automatic movement, if you don’t have a clear idea of what you are doing, It is just best to completely avoid opening the caseback. Don’t go full mad scientist on your watch. It would be best to wait for it to go to service in order to have a peek inside.

Opening up the watch without proper care can have very damming consecuences as a watch movement - the heart of your watch - is rather fragile, and slight external forces may disrupt the careful balance that lies within.


4. Be mindful of where and when you are taking your watch


Just like you won't take a suit to camping, or tracksuits to a wedding, chances are you'll also think which watch to bring out regarding the ocassion, and that is perfect. Always take into consideration what environment you are going to be in before taking out a watch. While all out Pontvs models are built like bricks and you can easily take them on an outdoors adventures, chances are that more fragile dress pieces might have a harder time when exposed to dirt, or even more dangerous substances such as water or mud.

It is common for people to have a "beater watch", that being a piece they are comfortable to take for rather dangerous situations. You can find more regarding watch styles through this link.

How to take good care of your watch

5. Watch out for Magnets


Magnets are the bane of mechanical watches. Back in the day, getting yout watch close to one was pretty much a death sentence. Again, mechanical movements lie in a perfect mathematical balance between every tiny component, and a strong magnetic pull might make it all fall apart Nowadays most watches - and Pontvs and Fonderia are no exceptions - come with anti-magnetic coating, but nevertheless, it is best to avoid magnets if possible.

And that's it! Always remember to enjoy your watch. Yes, they are going to wear down eventually, and it is up to you to make them live to their fullest and enjoy the experience of owning a watch.


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